Col&MacArthur is a watch manufacturing company founded by Sébastien Colen and Iain Wood-MacArthur. United, they present more than 50 years of experience in the watchmaking sector.


Col&MacArthur supplied the British Army’s Guards Brigade with Ministry of Defence licensed watches and has since expanded its trading area to the whole of the British Armed Forces while at the same time, placing the Company on a European footing.

Beside the army market, Col&MacArthur design bespoke watch for prestigious communities such as business Club, Elitist schools, Charity club,...

As for the technical department and customer services, they are handled by Iain Wood; a Scotsman with a Guards Brigade background and now living in Belgium.  He ran a jewellery and deluxe watch manufacturing business for more than 30 years in Namur.  

With his engineering/management background and his international experience as Operation Manager for the 2nd biggest services company in the energy industry around the globe, Sebastien Colen has been handling the strategic, financial and marketing aspect of the business.

The combination of these two individuals has since resulted in the company achieving the highest quality in regards to their products and services.

Col&MacArthur’s underlining commercial values are based on pride,heritage and commemoration where the insignia, regalia and personalized engraving guarantees a father-to-son birthright; which in turn, provides the origin of the Company’s logo of wrestling deer where in mythology represents resurrection is an endless cycle.