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« Merit is the pure essence of self-esteem »

In 1970, Abraham Maslow refers to self-esteem in his famous hierarchy of needs, also known as the « Maslow’s Pyramid ».

He defines her as an individual’s double necessity: to feel competent and to feel recognized by the others.

Self-esteem is an inner attitude that consists of saying that we are important and unique. It means to know oneself and to love oneself with all of our qualities and limitations. It is a self-appreciation and self-acceptation as we are.

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    Duration 2 years guarantee


    Origin Swiss Movement
    Type Ronda: ‘Powertech 585’
    Feature Time with date-work
    Battery Life-span of about 2 years

    Water Resistance 

    Differential pressure Maximum 5 atmospheres


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Diameter 40 mm
    Thickness 8 mm
    Surface Satin finished surface
    Golden coating colour
    Mineral glass


    Feature high resolution of Col&MacArthur logo stamped


    Material Genuine leather
    Leather Colour Brown

    Lock mechanism

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Butterlfy Clasp
    Golden coating colour

    Back Cover 

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Shape Flat
    Lock mechanism 4 screws
    Upper half Col&MacArthur logo engraved
    Lower half 2 lines personalised engraving


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Water resistance
    C&M logo engraved
    Golden coating colour