The history of Humankind has taught us that human values have the power to change the course of events. They have this particular capacity to mould the society we live in. 

Through its collections, Col&MacArthur has created a universe of its own based upon the noble values, the traditions and the transmission of knowledge.

The « Identity » collection offers models with evocative names such as Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, allowing Human to define himself through noble values and thus engaging one generation after the other.

Through the Royal Guards Collection, Col&MacArthur stimulates the fundamental values of that community by creating tailor-made watches reflecting a given community’s identity in a true spirit of authenticity bearing forward the strong values that are carried by them.

Eventually, it explores Human History and identifies memorable events to create a watch with a specific story. These collection commemorates the History of Humankind and participates to the transmission of knowledge and pay tribute.

Via this mission, Col&MacArthur reinforces its identity and even more, its heritage.

About our history