Col&MacArthur is a watch manufacturing company founded by Sébastien Colen and Iain Wood-MacArthur. United, they present more than 50 years of experience in the watchmaking sector.


Col&MacArthur has served the Royal Guard of Buckingham Palace for over 5 years by creating custom watches under a license granted by the British Ministry of Defence. The company has since strengthened its identity by making commemorative watches which tells unique stories.

The goal of the founder and CEO, Sébastien Colen, is to preserve the heritage of humanity and to ensure the memory of our fathers: "It is important to remember where we come from as well as the strongest moments in history of humanity that have shaped today's society. Honouring these great men who once distinguished themselves for noble causes is primordial for us "

Col&MacArthur's values are based on pride and legacy where the deer, emblem of the brand, refers to the infinite resurrection in the Celtic mythology.

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