Miysis is a company specializing in 3D animation. The company strives to provide creative and innovative services. Following more than 10 operational years, Miysis is now a global reference in its domain.

Early 2017, Miysis was preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Due to such an important event, the company was looking for a special way to diffuse their accomplishments and values.

The purpose of this 'memento' was to thank their most loyal stakeholders while aiming to express its gratitude for their faithfulness.

The challenge Col&MacArthur was entrusted with, was to design a commemorative watch that would be presented to their employees, clients and partners. This is how Col&MacArthur introduced the meaningful Miysis watch edition.

The dial colour chosen was 'Miysis-black'. In relation to time, the index '10' was chosen to emphasize the company's 10th anniversary. In addition, the Miysis 'M' was added to the dial and the crown to strengthen the feeling of belonging.

To personalize the watch further, the company's logo was etched on the back cover. Below which, a space was reserved to engrave a company announcement.

The final touch was to create a presentation box that corresponded with the Miysis identity. A sturdy, black varnished wooden box held the logo printed on the lid.

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