A heartfelt partnership with WAPA to help people in post-war countries.

Col&MacArthur wishes to make a concrete contribution towards developing a better world.

This is the reason why its founders chose to support WAPA International, a Belgian charitable organisation that develops and implements rehabilitation programs for children soldiers and helps other war victims such as widows or orphans in countries like Sri Lanka and Uganda.

« This is a complex issue, we estimate that there are more than 250,000 children soldiers worldwide » explains Solveig Vinamont, one of WAPA founders, « the idea is to provide them with quality medical care, to teach them how to live a normal life, to teach them moral limits and to help them become autonomous; we do it through agricultural projects, for instance we buy cows and other cattle. »

« I couldn’t think of a better humanitarian partnership for Col&MacArthur, this partnership is our way of connecting the dots between major historical conflicts and the consequences of today’s conflicts » mentions Sébastien. « Their cause deeply moved me, it is the direct link between the values we want to convey through our brand and it aims to tackle a persistent issue: children soldiers. In addition to its mission, WAPA is a young Belgian association, human-sized and led by passionate people. »

An official partnership has been agreed upon with WAPA is settled under which a portion of Col&MacArthur’s profits linked to specific project will be donated to WAPA for project financing.

Coincidently, WAPA and Col&MacArthur were both created in 2013. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that two young Belgian businesses, active in very different fields – horology and charity – help each other and make part of the way together?

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