Terms and Conditions :


Article 1 - Scope and Modifications of the General Conditions

These general conditions of sales apply to all orders placed on the Col&MacArthur website and orders made through direct contact with the company.   Col&MacArthur reserves the right to modify or to change these conditions whenever necessary.


Article 2 - Terms of Use

The customer acknowledges having read, before ordering, the terms and conditions and declares to accept them without reservation.   These general conditions govern the contractual relationship between Col&MacArthur and the client, with both parties accepting them without reservation.  The present terms and conditions shall prevail over all other conditions contained in any previous document or Internet site.


Article 3 - Price

Prices of items are defined in British Pounds Sterling.  

Due to an ongoing process of research and development, Col&MacArthur reserves the right to change the prices when need be.    

Products are invoiced at the price displayed on our website at the time of order validation.

Postage and packing are included in the pricebut additional items ordered by the client such as metal bracelets or spare parts will be added to the initial price of the item ordered.


Article 4 – Product ownership

All products remain the property of Col&MacArthur until the official reception of the item ordered by the customer.  


Article 5 - Order

All orders are considered validated following the reception of an account; or the total payment of the order.   The reception of an account will be confirmed by email to the address supplied by the buyer on the purchase page.  

For large quantity orders, Col&MacArthur reserves the right to verify the coordinates of the buyer.  

Due to the customization of the watch, Col&MacArthur require a minimum lead time of 10 days for the delivery of the watch. (from the date of payment) 

Article 6 - Pre-Order

If Col&MacArthur suggests pre-orders with a deposit, Col&MacArthur has the right to cancel this pre-order at any time and reimburse the customer with the full amount of deposit including any potential additional charges that may occurs for the transfer.

Article 7 – Personal information

The information provided by the buyer on the completion of the purchase page will be used for all future contacts; unless stipulated otherwise by the client at a later date. 

In the event of an error in the address and coordinates, Col&MacArthur cannot be held responsible for the inability to deliver the product correctly.


Article 8 - Payment and security of transactions

All methods of payment are valid; which results in the correct sum being transferred and deposited on the London bank account or Paypal acccount.  

It is only when the exact amount indicated on the purchase page is deposited on the LONDON account that a communication will be sent to the client notifying reception, with this information being used at a later date to finalize the transaction.   

All crucial bank details entered at the time of payment are encrypted and secured by the LONDON bank.  

No crucial payment data is stored on Col&MacArthur servers, thus removing the risk of fraud through computer hacking.

Bank transfers will need between 5 minutes to 72 hours depending on the transfer system.   Following your transfer, please e-mail us immediately specifying the transfer order's number; this will facilitate the identification of your payment.    


Article 9 - Postal delivery of goods

Products sent to addresses outside Europe without a BFPO number, could be liable to a small Internet-verifiable charge; depending on the locality.

Depending on the locality, some foreign countries have an non-efficient postal service.   To overcome this problem, Col&MacArthur will enter into a discussion with the customer to determine the best postal system to use.   Insurance and/or special postal services may also lead to an additional Internet-verifiable charge. 

Delivery is done by mail or other transport services to the delivery address specified on the purchase page.  

In case of a non-withdrawal of the package by the client, (and following a “return to sender”) the costs will be invoiced to the customer.

In case of non-delivery of an order, you have two weeks from the date of departure of the product, to contact Col&MacArthur indicating the circumstances.  Beyond this period, no claim will be accepted.


Article 10 - Rights of withdrawal or exchange

If by any unfortunate chance the contents of the packaging have been damaged in any way due to inadequate or clumsy handling of the delivery service, Col&MacArthur will accept to exchange the damaged item free of charge.  This concession must be done within 48 hours following the receipt of the article.   Under such circumstances, postal costs will be made liable to Col&MacArthur and the exchange will be carried out within a maximum period of one month; depending on the availability of the product.

Without prior agreement on the part of Col&MacArthur, any returned item will not be exchanged.  

Following the written approval from Col&MacArthur concerning a withdrawal or an exchange, the product must be returned in good condition, in its original packaging and without the slightest sign of having been used.  

Products with a manufacturing defect upon arrival will be exchanged in the fastest time possible in accordance to the above conditions.  


All goods delivered correctly and in perfect condition will not be taken back or exchanged. (except under exceptional circumstances; and reasons similar to: “The goods are not like” or, “the merchandise is not suitable for” will not be accepted)


At any moment and for any reason, Col&MacArthur reserve the right to discontinue the transaction between the client and the company and as a result; the said company will proceed with a reimbursement. 


Article 11 - Responsibility and litigation

Col&MacArthur cannot be held liable for breach of contract in the event of stock shortages or, the unavailability of parts of the product from subcontractors or suppliers, or, bad management by the postal services or strikes.    

The products and services offered by Col&MacArthur comply totally with European laws and morals.   Registered trade marks, website, art-work, product design, videos, images, company info and commercial characteristics are the property of Col&MacArthur.  

Article 12 - Rights

Col&MacArthur..., all rights reserved.