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« Beyond being a human value, it is purity»

In Human history, sincerity has raised a great deal of questions that brought great philosophers such as Sartre to consider this value an ideal.

From the Latin « sincerus » that signifies « completely pure ».

It can be considered a virtue, it is the authenticity of a Man when he expresses the depth of his soul.

Aligned with integrity and purity, this virtue is an opening up of the heart, which shows a Man the way he is.

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    Duration 2 years guarantee


    Origin Switzerland
    Type Ronda: ‘Powertech 585’
    Feature Time with date-work
    Battery Life-span of 2 years

    Water Resistance 

    Differential pressure Maximum 5 atmospheres

    Note : Crown should never be operated whilst the watch is under water


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Diameter 40 mm
    Thickness 8 mm
    Surface Satin finished surface
    No coating
    Mineral glass


    Feature The Col&MacArthur badge stamped


    Material Genuine leather
    Leather Colour Brown

    Lock mechanism

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Butterlfy clasp
    No coating

    Back Cover 

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Shape Flat
    Lock mechanism 4 screws
    Upper half Col&MacArthur logo engraved
    Lower half 2 lines personalised engraving


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Water resistance
    No coating
    "C&M" logo engraved