"LUNAR 1969" campaign

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On July 20 1969 at 9:56 pm (UTC-5), Neil Armstrong, aged 39, marked the lunar floor of his foot print and pronounced the mythical phrase "A small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind".

50 years ago to the day, Mankind performed an extraordinary feat by placing his foot on a celestial object other than the Earth.
The "LUNAR 1969" exclusive numbered collection pays tribute to those pioneers of space who made mankind dreaming.


This timepiece retraces the epic Apollo missions. It contains the geographical coordinates of each lunar landing. On the lunar surface, a bright spot indicates the location of the first step on the Moon.

To mark this moment of history in time, the date of Apollo XI landing, “July 20 1969" is engraved on the case at 9:56 pm and the name of the famous plain of Basalt "Mare Tranquillitatis” at 12 o'clock.

To give a unique touch to this mistress of time, a lunar meteorite fragment is set at 12H00 - with certificate of authenticity.

An extraordinary and authentic story to pass on to future generations ...


To make this watch even more rare, the watchmaker proposes to send each timepiece of the "LUNAR 1969" collection to the doors of the space and this, in direct contact with an environment which is close to -60 ° C and close pressure from 0.

The watch is then recovered by a company specialized in the field, to then be delivered to its acquirer in perfect condition and provided with a certificate authenticating the altitude of the flight.

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