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This unique timepiece has been developed in collaboration with IMPS as a tribute to Peyo’s universe. This mistress of time tells the story of these little blues fellows from 1958 - their creation date - until today.

The "Smurf Collector" watch is much more than a time keeper, it encapsulates these emotions that brings the acquirer back into his childhood sharing the universe of these creatures emerging from Peyo’s fantasy world.

A split second to remember our child dream that we should preserve beyond time.

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    2 Years


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    Origin Swiss Made
    Type Analog quartz movement
    Line Powertech
    Caliber 762
    Size 6¾ x 8'''
    Swiss Made version 4 jewels / gold platted EOL
    Standard battery Life 10 years

    Watch Case 

    Diameter 38 mm
    Thickness 9.1 mm
    Material Stainless Steel SS 316L
    Glass Sapphire Glass

    Water Resistance

    5 Atmospheres (50 meters)