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“Passion is not expressed, it is preserved over time»

This value is a strong emotion felt by the individual towards another person, a concept, an object or an idea.

Since Ancient Times, great philosophers have been drawn to this profound value which is the essence itself of some individuals.

In 1591, the writer William Shakespeare got inspired by an Italian novel « Romeus e Juliet » and he wrote a play, published for the first time in 1597 and its immediate success is still immense today.  

Passion is the pure essence of this creative work about an impossible love, which had the power to reconcile sworn enemies.

It heals, reconciles, and creates Great Men.

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    Duration 2 years guarantee


    Origin Switzerland
    Type Ronda: ‘Powertech 585’
    Feature Time with date-work
    Battery Life-span of 2 years

    Water Resistance 

    Differential pressure Maximum 5 atmospheres

    Note : Crown should never be operated whilst the watch is under water


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Diameter 40 mm
    Thickness 8 mm
    Surface Satin finished surface
    Blue coating
    Mineral glass


    Material Nylon
    Leather Colour Blue-Red-Blue

    Lock mechanism

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Butterlfy clasp

    Back Cover 

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Lower half 2 lines personalized engraving


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L