Indeed, it is necessary to create a customer account before placing an order. Moreover, through this customer account, you can follow the progress of your order at any time.

The customer area is available to create a Col&MacArthur account via your email address. The personal information requested when creating your account remains strictly confidential, in accordance with the GDPR rules.

You can change your account information via the “My Account” tab.

Your personal information is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Indeed, Col&MacArthur has a showroom located in Bassenge, in the Liège region (Belgium). To best prepare your visit, it is imperative to make an appointment via this link. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab.

The purchase of Col&MacArthur watches is made exclusively on the official website of our brand. However, if you want to discover our watches before making your choice, it is also possible to discover them in our showroom.

When you go to the product page of the wished watch, check the desired options and click on “Add to Cart”. From there, you are redirected to the summary of your order. To access the payment, simply click on the “Finalize my purchases” sub-tab.

Once your order has been placed and the payment has been made, the watch is shipped to the address indicated as soon as possible. It is also possible to collect the watch from the showroom. To do so, simply contact us after placing your order. Please feel free to contact us by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via online chat or the “Contact us” tab.

The selling price of the watches is displayed on our official website, on the product pages of each model. The price obviously varies depending on the model and the options chosen, such as the type of strap, movement, color, etc.

Our limited editions are still available if you have access to the product page and if it is possible to place an order. Otherwise, when a watch is marked as “unavailable” or “out of stock”, the product page is greyed out and therefore indicates that you do not have access to it.

When you order one of our watches, you have the possibility to choose the serial number, in which case it is designated automatically. To choose the serial number, simply tick the appropriate box on the product page and enter the desired serial number.

If the collection you've ordered doesn't meet your expectations, don't worry! We offer a 14-day withdrawal period from the date of receipt. Simply contact us within this period and return the items unworn and in their original condition. We'll give you a full refund on receipt of the returned items.

The delivery time is indicated on each product page, under the selling price. Note that this delay may vary from one collection to another; it is therefore imperative to check this information according to each product. In case of an urgent delivery, you can contact the team by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab, in order to find a solution to make the delivery according to your deadlines.

In case of absence, a delivery notice is left in your mailbox. The parcel is then dropped off at a designated post office and mentioned on the delivery notice. All you have to do is pick it up with this the notice.

The watches are delivered by registered parcel via Bpost first, and then according to the national post of the country of the buyer, for deliveries within Europe.

For deliveries outside Europe, we work in collaboration with DHL.

Delivery is offered in the European Union. For any other destination, additional charges are required to be delivered with DHL, averaging 36 euros of shipping costs.

In case of emergency, an express delivery is also possible in less than 48 by DHL express. A quote will be provided to you; such a delivery costs 50 euros. If you would like more information about express service or delivery in general, please contact the Col&MacArthur team by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab.

Of course. However, take into account the different pricing policy since Brexit; VAT is payable at the customs. In fact, VAT is not counted in the check-out for deliveries to the United Kingdom in order not to incur additional costs. This will be deducted automatically when it is placed in the basket, if your delivery address is in the United Kingdom.

We accept all online payments such as Master Card, Visa, Carte Bleue, PayPal, Maestro and bank transfers. However, it is not possible to pay by cash.

We provide you with a security system for any transaction on the platform. You can find all payment security information here.

It is indeed possible to pay in installments. By bank transfer, we accept up to three payments and by PayPal, which offers direct debit in four instalments. However, it is preferable to opt for a bank transfer to facilitate transactions.

If you wish to pay multiple times, please contact us beforehand, by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab, in order to tell you how to proceed. The order will only be validated once the total amount has been received.


A quartz watch consists of an electronic circuit driven by a battery. The energy of the battery is used to vibrate a quartz oscillator and thus to operate the watch. Because of its electronic nature, the quartz movement is the most precise in watchmaking.


A mechanical watch is powered by the energy stored in a spring in the watch movement. Mechanical watches from Col&MacArthur are self-winding. This means that they are recharged by the movement of an oscillating weight when the watch is worn. Col&MacArthur watches have a power reserve of approximately 36 hours. After this period without being worn, the watch must be manually wound thanks to the winding stem.

Leather and Milanese mesh

The leather and Milanese mesh strap can be adjusted at a watchmaker, who has the right equipment, or directly at the Col&MacArthur workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab.

If you are manual, it is however possible to perform this task on your own, thanks to the explanatory videos at your disposal. 

Metal mesh

Indeed, for this type of strap, the Col&MacArthur team offers a premium service to adjust the strap to your wrist before sending the watch. You will receive an e-mail as soon as you place your order on our official website.

In addition, upon receipt of your order, the watch is provided with additional mesh. Thus, the metal mesh strap can also be modified later. At a watchmaker, who has the right equipment or directly at the Col&MacArthur workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or the “Contact us” tab.


Quartz watches require a simple battery check every 2 to 3 years.


For mechanical watches, full maintenance is required every 3 years. It is also advisable to wind the watches regularly in order to activate the mechanism.


Quartz watches have a water resistance of 5 atmospheres, that is to say they are waterproof up to 50 meters deep. However, salt water is not recommended.


For mechanical watches, they have a water resistance of 10 atmospheres (static pressure). The latter are thus waterproof up to 100 meters of depth. Nevertheless, salt water is not recommended.

Watches can be used for sports activities. Nevertheless, sudden movements and shocks should be avoided.

All our watches are quality timepieces and are designed with the greatest care. However, it is essential to treat them as delicate jewellery. We recommend that you do not expose them to water, such as bath water, swimming pool water or sea water.

Water can damage the internal components and alter the beauty of your watch. To preserve their quality and elegance, we advise you to keep them away from water.

There is an average running time only for mechanical watches, this one is 38 hours. The average running time of Col&MacArthur watches indicates how long the watch remains functional without being worn. After this delay, the watch must be manually wound.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, contact the Col&MacArthur team, they will be happy to answer your questions.

The tolerance varies depending on the models and the type of watch you want to purchase.


Our quartz watches are more accurate than our mechanical watches. These contain within them a quartz which, under tension, vibrates at 35 kHz. The role of this crystal is to electronically process pulses on a regular basis. The accuracy of our quartz watches is -10 to +20 seconds per month.


These movements require regular maintenance in order to maintain increased tolerance. The accuracy of automatic mechanical watches is + or - 20 seconds per day. If you want more information about a particular model, you can directly download the datasheet of a watch in the « Technical description » tab on each of the product pages.

If you still have questions, you can contact the team by phone at +32 460 22 67 87 or by e-mail at, or via the online chat or via the “Contact us” tab.

The models we offer are unisex and vary between 38 and 43 mm in diameter. For each of our models you have the possibility to choose the type of strap and the diameter of the watch. In short, there is something for everyone.

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