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A collector's item distinguished by its prestigious design and symbolic details. symbolic details, celebrating the expertise and determination of the inventor of the winding rotor. Time at memory of Hubert Sarton also speaks of the city of Liège's aura in the art of watchmaking. the art of watchmaking.

Each numbered, limited-edition watch is an invitation to honour the history and Belgian watchmaking innovation.

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The "Sarton 1748 Collection" commemorative watch celebrates the avant-garde spirit of watchmaker Hubert Sarton and the indelible mark he has left on the history of Liège and international history.

The winding rotor was invented in 1778 - and recognised by Patek Philippe! Still in use today, this system is the foundation of contemporary automatic movements. movements.

Order your copy, salute the inventor and our local heritage! The result of a collaboration between his direct heirs, the Liège-born Alain and Nicolas Sarton (7th and 8th generation descendants) and Col&MacArthur, this watch, inspired by one of Hubert Dieud's most Hubert Dieudonné Sarton's most coveted clocks, is an intrinsic ode to the art of watchmaking. of horology.

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An exclusive series produced in a limited edition of 275, saluting the lasting impact and genius of Sarton on the 275th anniversary of his birth and recalling the long tradition of watchmaking in Liège. Each automatic watch is numbered, symbolising the prestige and uniqueness of the Sarton heritage.

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The watch is complemented by a selection of elegant leather straps in blue, green or brown to accompany this exceptional timepiece. or brown leather straps to accompany this exceptional timepiece.


Each "Hubert Sarton" watch is a promise of authenticity, with superior assembly and quality of materials used. quality of the materials used. The guarantee of exclusive value.


A design that pays tribute, with elegance and finesse, to the history and work of Hubert Sarton.the work of Hubert Sarton.Luminous, in a gilded case, the watch is adorned with symbolic details symbolic details that celebrate the watchmaker's long history in the art of measuring time. time.

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A passion handed down from father to son for 8 generations

Alain Sarton (7th generation) and Nicolas Sarton (8th generation), father and son, are behind this watch in homage to their grandfather. this watch as a tribute to their ancestor. It is with a passion for watchmaking and a strong the essential past of their family roots, that they approached the project of a commemorative watch a commemorative watch, full of heritage value and deeply linked to their town. The collaboration with Sébatien Colen was obvious.

The mark of a watchmaking revolution

Hubert Sarton, an 18th-century watchmaker from Liège, is renowned for his major contributions to watchmaking. to watchmaking. His innovations and creations have left an indelible mark on the world of watchmaking. and his legacy continues to inspire today's watchmakers.

The Sarton signature is in every watch in the collection. Every detail, every engraving engraving, every element is a reminder of his genius and passion for watchmaking. This watch is is more than just a timepiece; it is a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the perfection of his art.

Belgium has a rich history of watchmaking, and Hubert Sarton is one of its pioneers. one of its pioneers. The "Collection Sarton 1748" watch is a reminder of this tradition and the excellence excellence in the field.

The mark of a watchmaking revolution

In the bustling city of Liège in the 18th century, Hubert Sarton stood out at an early age for his mechanical genius. Born in 1748, he grew up in a town steeped in watchmaking tradition and innovation. It was in this rich and stimulating environment that the young Sarton developed a fascination for the workings of time.

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An early apprenticeship

Under the protective wing of his uncle, Dieudonné Sarton, Hubert plunged into the world of watchmaking as early as 1762, absorbing the principles of precision and elegance that governed the art. His precocious talent led him to Paris, the nerve centre of luxury watchmaking, where he honed his skills under the guidance of Pierre Le Roy, King Louis XVI's watchmaker. It was in this watchmaking capital that he earned the title of master watchmaker, a recognition that sealed his destiny.

Back to the Origins and Major Innovations

In 1772, armed with his title and a consuming ambition, Sarton returned to Liège. There, he established himself as a key figure in the watchmaking industry, becoming the watchmaker to Duke Charles-Alexandre of Lorraine and court clockmaker to Prince-Bishop François-Charles de Velbrück. In addition to being Velbrück, in addition to being his patron, became his fervent supporter, enabling him to experiment and innovate.

Johnny Halliday
Johnny Halliday

The Automatic Rotor: A Horological Revolution

23 December 1778 marked a pivotal date in the history of watchmaking: Hubert Sarton presented the invention of the automatic rotor watch to the French Academy of Sciences. French Academy of Sciences the invention of the automatic rotor watch. Although the credit for this invention was shared with Abraham Louis Perrelet, it was Sarton's work that laid the Sarton's work laid the foundations of what would become a watchmaking standard.

A Universal Spirit

Sarton was not just a watchmaker, but an inventor with wide-ranging interests. He wrote treatises on the mechanics of coal mining and polder drainage, extending his expertise far beyond watches and clocks. far beyond watches and clocks alone.

Johnny Halliday
Johnny Halliday

The Patriarch of a Watchmaking Dynasty

The father of eight children, Sarton saw three of his sons follow in his footsteps in the watchmaking industry. His daughter, Barbe, gave birth to André Hubert Dumont, Barbe, gave birth to André Hubert Dumont, who was also to become a renowned citizen of Liège, but as a geologist. geologist. And so the seeds of his intelligence and creativity continued to blossom long after his death in 1828.

An Enduring Heritage

Sarton leaves behind a rich heritage: a line of watchmakers and intellectuals who his quest for perfection. Liège, and the watchmaking world in general, remember him as a pioneer, a master of the art of watchmaking. Liège, and the world of watchmaking in general, remember him as a pioneer, a master of innovation and a craftsman of time.

During his lifetime, Hubert Sarton was much more than a watchmaker; he was a visionary who shaped the course of watchmaking history. the course of watchmaking history. His name, engraved in the heart of every Sarton watch, continues to inspire and captivate. and captivate. With each tick of his creations, the spirit of Sarton lives on, an unchanging witness to a revolutionary era. unchanging witness to a bygone era that has never been forgotten.

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Guarantee 2 year
Origin Swiss
Type Mechanical
Line Sellita
Caliber SW221-1
Size 11 1/2 '''
Frequency 4Hz
Number of Jewels 26
Power Reserve 41 hours
Diameter 43 mm
Thickness 13.40 mm
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Surface condition Polished
Glass Sapphire
Lug-width 20 mm
Seal 10 atmosphere
Case back
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Closure mechanism Screwed
Materials Leather
Color Blue - Brown
Buckle Butterfly
Bracelet length 170mm - 220mm
Mo-Fr 9 AM – 5 PM (Brussels Time)
within 14 days after delivery