The Col&MacArthur watchmaker company goes back in time, immersing itself in important events to relate, through these unique pieces, the great moments in mankind's history as well as the actions of certain illustrious individuals who have become symbols of peace, bravery and determination.

These collections are an integral part of our collective memory, they contribute to the transmission of knowledge to future generations.

Col&MacArthur is committed to the very heart of human values and brings history to life. It also aims to prove our ability to achieve the unachievable, reach the unreachable and overcome the insurmountable.

A unique identity in the world of watchmaking, since these watches draw out the very essence of the subjects covered and trace history through their design with implicit details.

Col&MacArthur - More Than a Watch, a Heritage.

More than a watch, a heritage

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The C&M community is the heart of the watchmaking house, it is the expression of our passion for History and our dedication to our members.

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