"To live defeated and without glory is to die every day"

On the occasion of the bicentenary of Napoleon's death, Col&MacArthur is releasing an exclusive collection in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte. The watchmaking house aims, through the latter, to highlight the emperor whose fascination and enthusiasm are matched only by his ambition.

The granite of the tomb of Napoleon

Each dial of the «Napoleon 1821» collection is composed of imperial green granite.

This granite is of the exact composition as the one used for the base of the tomb of Napoleon, which rests in the Invalides. Due to the diversity of this material in terms of rendering, each dial is unique.

The symbols


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Napoléon 1821

Data sheet

Tranches d'ages
Download the technical sheet link
General information
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 78,6 g
Origin Swiss
Type Quartz
Line Normtech
Caliber 702
Size 10 1/2'''
Version 5 jewels/gold
Diameter 43 mm
Thickness 12.6 mm
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Coating Black
Surface condition Sand blasted
Glass Sapphire
Lug-width 20 mm
Seal 5 atmosphere (50 meters)
Case back
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Closure mechanism Screwed
Coating Black
Surface condition Sand blasted
Materials Leather
Color Black
Buckle Deploying
Bracelet length 180 mm - 220 mm

Historical background

Born on 15 August 1769 in Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte came from a family of notables, although quite modest. Five years later, in 1784, he joined the “École Militaire Supérieure” in Paris where he completed his studies.

He began his military career in 1785, a career that would be crowned with success. In particular, the Italian campaign, his greatest feat of arms so some say. On his return from Italy, Napoleon was sent to Egypt by the government in power at the time.

This campaign was for the Directory a convenient opportunity to get rid of Napoleon, who increasingly concerned them. On 23 August 1799, Napoleon discreetly left Egypt to return to France to prepare his coup against the Directory.

Despite various unforeseen events, Napoleon will be appointed First Consul. His time at the consulate marked the appearance of new French institutions such as the “Banque de France” and the “Cour des Comptes”.

Napoleon also wrote the Civil Code and established the Legion of Honour.


The Empire

On 2 December 1804, Napoleon crowned himself emperor in Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The main reason of this corronation is the protection of the power and with it, the title of the emperor considered as hereditary. The most important one is to protect the current power. Indeed, under this imperial regime, the title of emperor is hereditary.

The death of Napoleon would therefore not mean the death of the Empire. It was also a way for him to deal as an equal with the European monarchs of the time. Pope Pius VII was present at the coronation, giving to the ceremony a divine character.

The abdications

On 31 March 1814, the alliance of the United Kingdom, the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Empire of Austria took Paris and forced Napoleon to abdicate. He was then exiled to the island of Elba, which he left at the beginning of 1815 to return to the continent to regain power.

Although the return was intended to be peaceful, the allies were strongly opposed to the emperor's return.
On 18 June 1815, they sent troops to Belgium where the famous battle of Waterloo took place.

Following this new defeat, Napoleon abdicated for the second and last time. He is sent into exile on Saint-Helena, a small island lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.



Exiled on this small rock, the end of the emperor's life was not glorious. He lived on Saint-Helena with a few faithful followers but avoided leaving his property at Longwood, being constantly watched by Sir Hudson Lowe.

On the island, his health continued to deteriorate. On 5 May 1821, at 5.49 pm, Napoleon Bonaparte died at the age of 51. To this day, the exact causes of his death are still unknown, cancer, poisoning, these uncertainties are part of his legend.

After his death, Sir Hudson Lowe said: "Gentlemen, he was England's greatest enemy and mine too; but I forgive him everything. At the death of so great a man, one must feel only deep sorrow and regret."

His grave

On 9 May 1821, Napoleon was buried in Saint-Helena, in the Geranium Valley.

Following the refusal of the English to repatriate his body, he was laid to rest in a tomb with no inscription. It was not until 1840 that the emperor's body was repatriated to France to be buried in the place we know today.

Napoleon Bonaparte lies in his tomb under the dome of the Invalides in Paris. A majestic tomb resting on a green granite base.

Wasteels Marc le 29/04/2022
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Merci beaucoup,la montre est splendide !

Reçu à temps pour l’anniversaire. 

Merci pour votre sérieux et votre amabilité 

Nous reviendrons vers vous pour un prochain cadeaux à faire

Cordialement , Marc Wasteels

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Khlghatyan Tigran le 28/04/2022
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Première expérience et très satisfait. Vraiment plus qu'une montre.

source : Facebook
Masson Laurent le 28/04/2022
star star star star star 5 /5
étant un fan inconditionnel de l'empereur, j'ai eu un véritable coup de coeur vis a vis de cette idée et ce concept de montre.
de plus j'ai appelé directement le magasin pour des précisions sur le produit et je suis tombé sur une personne charmante qui a répondu a toute mes questions !
Merci pour cette pièce exceptionnelle !
je recommande !
Et vive l'empereur !!!!
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Drachir Tsirgeis le 10/02/2022
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I received my Napoleon 1821 commemorative watch and I am very satisfied. It is a very good work.

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Blot Thomas le 10/02/2022
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Superb Napoleon commemorative watch! The watch is very well made and the delivery is very fast and professional.

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Blot Thomas le 05/12/2021
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Fast delivery and a superb Napoleon commemorative watch! 

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Alouqua Lmedml Brigite le 12/11/2021
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Beautiful watches and meticulous workmanship right down to the finishing touches and the box. 

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