Col&MacArthur is a world leader in the design and creation of commemorative watches. The company designs timepieces that uniquely reflect humanity's ability to change the course of events. C&M watches celebrate humanity and its achievements, its shared heritage and values.

The brand delves into the collective imagination and brings an emotional dimension to each of its collection pieces.


The Col&MacArthur brand, based in Liege, Belgium, was created by Sebastien Colen in 2013.

Following his Masters in Engineering and Management, Sebastien Colen gained international experience through a career in the energy industry. After 5 years of expatriation on 4 continents, Sebastien Colen left his management position to pursue a lifelong dream: to design watches that promote noble values, sharing and transmission of humanity's heritage.

Col&MacArthur watches are designed with a Swiss movement, innovative technical aspects and a high quality precision. But what really sets these timepieces apart from other luxury watches are the unique stories expressed in the design and the founder's inspiration for the choice of subjects.

Each watch created by Col&MacArthur tells, through time, the story of our shared history.


Col&MacArthur is committed to honouring humanity and remembering our ancestors. Through its collections, C&M conveys messages of hope and greatness for future generations.

"Remembering the pivotal moments in our history that shaped our society helps us to better understand the world today" says Sébastien Colen, CEO of Col&MacArthur.

"Honouring these illustrious individuals who have contributed to noble causes is the theme of all our commemorative collections." Col&MacArthur's values are firmly based on pride and heritage.

The stag logo, the company's brand emblem, is a symbol of many things; the personification of virtues, a legendary character and celtic myths such as resurrection referring to heritage preservation.