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The echo of an unmissable event in history, the beginning of a new era.

The echo of an unmissable event in history, the beginning of a new era - The watch commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, in official partnership with the Scorpions and Universal Music. A design full of symbols, with an authentic fragment of the Berlin Wall and, for the premium model, an authentic piece of guitar string from the Scorpions.

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On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, symbolizing the end of the Cold War

This event had a profound effect on Germany and the entire world, representing a significant shift in geopolitical dynamics and marking the beginning of the reunification process for Germany.

With the "Wind of Change" collection, Col&MacArthur pays tribute to this historic moment, plunging into the rift of the wall - and of time. This timepiece commemorates the fall of the Berlin Wall and the anthem that carried the hopes of that era. It's a high-end watch adorned with powerful symbols. Let yourself slip into time, into the first crack, into emotion.

Order your official "Wind of Change" watch now and secure your own timepiece of this limited edition.

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Ceci inclus :
  • Includes certificate of authenticity for the Berlin Wall fragment
  • Includes luxury packaging and insurance coverage.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Return accepted up to 14 days after delivery (full refund).
  • Delivery within 10 working days
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Discover the unique essence of our Wind of Change collection, where every piece is adorned with an authentic stone from the Berlin Wall.

Each watch in this collection is distinct, featuring renderings that vary from one another. The showcased photos on this page serve as examples, emphasizing that every watch is a singular creation, possessing its own individual piece of the wall and a distinctive appearance. Yours to embrace, each timepiece is a truly one-of-a-kind expression.


The automatic premium model within this collection is limited to 1989 numbered timepieces, commemorating the year the Berlin Wall fell. As for the quartz standard model, it is also numbered and limited in production, available for a limited time as part of our temporary release.

Choice of Model

The watch is available in both automatic (Swiss Sellita movement) premium model and quartz (battery-operated) standard model. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to customize your timepiece by choosing from a variety of straps, such as leather, rubber, stainless steel, and titanium.


This collector's item comes with two certificates of authenticity:

Certificate of authenticity for the Berlin Wall fragment and certificate of authenticity for the guitar string from a Scorpions guitar, used to play "Wind of Change" on their last tour.


A unique design inspired by history and the musical legacy of the iconic band Scorpions. Crafted in collaboration with the band, each timepiece seamlessly merges power and elegance, capturing the essence of change through symbolic details. This collection embodies the spirit of a bygone era and the enduring power of music.

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The authentic piece of wall encapsulated in the "Wind of Change" watch comes from the Berlin Wall, the symbol of the Cold War and the division of Germany. On the watch, the fragment of the wall is located to the east of the watch, in a space of 28 seconds, like the 28 years that separated Berlin. Each watch is made from a unique cutout in the wall - the result is singular each time, making each a unique piece.

The piece of guitar string comes from one of the Scorpions' guitars, used on their last tour in 2023 to play the song "Wind of Change", which became the anthem of the fall of the Wall. The strings were collected after concerts, and meticulously encapsulated in each automatic timepiece, at 3 o'clock

A string resonating with the rockers' chords—a lively, rich, profoundly felt “Wind of Change“ that brings you a bit closer to the band and the historic date of November 9 1989.

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Mikkey Dee (drummer), Matthias Jabs (guitarist), Klaus Meine (lead singer), Sébastien Colen (founder of Col&MacArthur), Rudolf Schenker (guitarist), Paweł Mąciwoda (bassist) Photo taken on May 16 2023

The Scorpions, true icons of German rock, embody the spirit of an entire generation. Their powerful and evocative music has stood the test of time, touching hearts and leaving a lasting impact across the decades. Among their most iconic masterpieces is 'Wind of Change,' an enchanting melody that symbolized hope and reunification in a Germany still marked by the Berlin Wall.

The collaboration between Col&MacArthur and the Scorpions for the 'Wind of Change' watch is a vibrant tribute to this transformative period in German history. The watch is more than a mere timekeeping instrument; it represents the echo of history and the aspiration for a better future.

Through this watch, we celebrate music that has crossed borders, uniting souls and inspiring change. It's an ode to freedom, progress, and unity—values that Col&MacArthur deeply cherishes.

By wearing the 'Wind of Change' watch, you display a symbol of resilience and unity, inspired by a group that transcended borders with their music. The Scorpions continue to inspire millions of fans worldwide, and this watch pays homage to their musical legacy and influence in contemporary history.

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Guarantee 2 years
Origin Swiss
Type Mechanical
Line Sellita
Caliber SW200-1
Size 11 1/2 '''
Frequency 4Hz
Number of Jewels 26
Power Reserve 38 hours
Diameter 43 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Surface condition Sand blasted
Glass Sapphire
Lug-width 20 mm
Seal 10 atmosphere
Case back
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Closure mechanism Screwed
Surface condition Sand blasted
Materials Leather - Stainless steel
Color Black
Buckle Butterfly
Bracelet length 170mm - 220mm
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