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This colorful timepiece refers to the blossoming.

“Passion” is the foundation of the ultimate happiness.

Carve your passion in stone.

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    Duration 2 years guarantee
    Quality insurance Licensed by the Ministry of Defense under registration # DIPR 1 ME 0199


    Origin Switzerland
    Type Ronda: ‘Powertech 585’
    Feature Time with date-work
    Battery Life-span of 2 years

    Water Resistance 

    Differential pressure Maximum 5 atmospheres

    Note : Crown should never be operated whilst the watch is under water


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Diameter 40 mm
    Thickness 8 mm
    Surface Satin finished surface
    Blue coating
    Mineral glass


    Feature 10mm Scots Guards badge stamped


    Material Nylon
    Leather Colour Blue-Red-Blue

    Lock mechanism

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Butterlfy clasp
    Blue coating

    Back Cover 

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Shape Flat
    Lock mechanism 4 screws
    Upper half Household Division badge engraved
    Lower half 2 lines personalized engraving


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Feature Water resistance
    Blue coating
    "C&M" logo engraved