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« An unchanging tenacity towards time »

Appearing in 1489 in « La Mer des Histoires »*, the word « tenacity » refers to the character of a Man and his attachment to an idea, a project or a will.  

Today still, this value represents the resistance of a Man facing adversity. It consists in acting with unconditional will.

Tenacity is a fundamental value in a Man’s fulfilment.

She is the vault key of professional and personal success.

* « The Ocean of Stories »

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    Duration 2 years


    Origin Switzerland
    Type Ronda-startech quartz 5030D
    Feature Chronograph with date-work
    Battery Life-span of 2 years

    Water Resistance 

    Differential pressure Maximum 5 atmospheres

    Note : Crown and chronograph buttons should never be operated whilst the watch is under water


    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Glass Sapphir glass


    Material Genuine leather or stainless steel
    Leather colour Black or camel

    Back Cover 

    Material Stainless steel SS 316L
    Shape Gentle curve to adapt comfortably on the wrist
    Lower half 3 lines of 20 characters