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    Origin Swiss Made
    Complication Date
    Type Mechanical
    Line Sellita
    Caliber SW200-1
    Size 25,60 mm — 11 ½ ´´´
    Number of jewels 26 Jewels
    Running time 36 hours


    Diameter 43 mm
    Thickness 12,65 mm
    Material Stainless Steel 316L
    Coating Matt black
    Glass Sapphire Glass
    Differential Pressure 5 Atmospheres (100 meters)
    Coating Matt black

    Case Back


    Stainless Steel 316L and sapphire glass

    Lock Mechanism




    Stainless Steel 316L


    matt black plating


    Butterfly double lock mechanism


    A first flight in the footsteps of RAF pilots, the watch will board a Spitfire to take off from the legendary “Heritage Hanger” aerodrome in Biggin Hill ( Biggin Hill is where many Spitfire departures took place to take part in the air battle.

    On the back of the watch, the words "On board of a Spitfire on xx / xx / 2021" will be engraved.


    This option is the same as the Standard but with camera on board to film the overall flight that will be submitted to the customer with a short (best rush) and a long shortage (full flight).


    For Premium and Standard flight, the detailed information about the flight (date, speed, altitude, timing) will be authenticated on the certificate that will be delivered with the watch.


    Due to the current travel restrictions, the date of the flight will be communicated at a later stage.

    In partnership with

    A Legacy Collection

    The ‘Battle of Britain 1940’ watch is part of a five-year Col&MacArthur commemorative collection marking the 80th anniversary of the Second World War by spotlighting 14 key events which still resonate today.

     The ‘Battle of Britain 1940’ watch is the second in its World War II collection. The first watch to launch the collection earlier this year was the ‘Dunkirk 1940’. 12 additional and unique watches, all of which commemorate important events of the Second World War, will be released by Col&MacArthur in the coming years.

    The Historical Collection honours heroes who fought for freedom. Sébastien Colen, founder and CEO of Col&MacArthur says, “our Historical Collection is specifically designed to raise awareness of crucial moments in World War Two and to inspire as many people as possible by sharing the remarkable and compelling experiences of our forefathers.”

    An iconic watch

    The Watch is a duplicate of a speedometer sensor from inside a Spitfire cockpit. The details of the watch commemorate this legendary fighter plane; a huge contributor to winning the Battle of Britain. The dial pattern is based on the tachometer located in the cockpit as well as its original structure and colours In a sleek design. In addition, there are additional details such as the WAAF block turning around the inner dial to provide the time (minutes hand). The WAAF is the acronym for the Women Auxiliary Air Force who played a crucial role in the Battle of Britain.


    On July 10, 1940, the world held its breath for 113 days as Britain fought off relentless Luftwaffe air attacks.

    The Battle of Britain was an air battle between the Royal Air Force (comprised of pilots from Great Britain and the free world), and the German Luftwaffe.

    Hitler had just conquered France, and now focussed his attention on the United Kingdom. He wanted to conquer the UK, first by taking out the Royal Air Force, and then by invading with his ground army. But the Nazi leader’s ambitions were thwarted, chiefly because the British decisively defeated the German Luftwaffe in the air.

    On the 15th of September in 1940, the British made a stunning victory over the Germans, during the Battle of Britain day. The fight was not yet over at that point, but it was clear the Germans could not overcome this loss.  In total, more than 4,000 allied and German aircrew lost their lives in this battle. The Battle of Britain marked the first military setback for Hitler and set in motion the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany. Therefore, the Battle of Britain is seen as a huge victory.

    The Battle of Britain officially ended on October 31st, 1940. This Allied victory was a real defeat for Germany and had a strong impact ion the outcome of WWII.


    During the Battle of England, it was the Royal Air Force (RAF) who provided the largest part of the defence. Allied pilots who fought during this battle all fought as members of the RAF, a total of more than 3,000 pilots.


    The Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was composed of women and made a crucial difference by warning pilots on Luftwaffe attacks.  An invention called Radar gave the RAF invaluable insight into the location and size of the German air raids.


    With this collection, Col&MacArthur wants to pay tribute to all the aircrews and ground personnel who risked their lives during this battle. Many pilots made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our freedoms, but those heroes will be remembered, and their lives honoured.