"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently" - Henry Ford

From the health crisis, to inflation, to the situation in Ukraine... This period is more than uncertain for the whole of humanity. Following these crises, Col&MacArthur wishes to share a message of hope through this master of time with its many symbols.


“We wanted to create a watch to remember this strange time”.

The inspiration for our project? An ancestral Japanese method called the “Kintsugi”, which consists of reconstructing porcelain, or ceramics using gold powder. This art has become, over time, a philosophical current that invites us to admit our weaknesses to make them strengths. Finally, this resilience guides us to a stronger future and thus leaves a sustainable heritage for future generations.

That's why Col&MacArthur wants to donate €20 per watch sold to the "Time for the Planet" charity, which is fighting global warming.


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  • Includes luxury packaging and insurance coverage.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Return accepted up to 14 days after delivery (full refund).
  • Delivery within 10 working days
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Data sheet

Tranches d'ages
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General information
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 145 g
Origin Swiss
Type Quartz
Line Normtech
Caliber 703
Size 10 1/2 '''
Version 5 jewels/gold
Diameter 43 mm
Thickness 12.65 mm
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Coating Black
Surface condition Sand blasted
Glass Sapphire
Lug-width 20 mm
Seal 5 atmosphere (50 meters)
Case back
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Closure mechanism Clip on
Materials Stainless steel 316L
Color Black
Buckle Double Locked
Bracelet length 170 mm - 220 mm
Coating Black
Surface condition Sand blasted

The era of many challenges  

Our era has brought us lots of challenges... In a short period of time we understood the climate emergency, we went through the health crisis, the war in Ukraine happened...

An event that particularly marked us in 2020 was the COVID-19 crisis.
All our codes and certainties were turned upside down, leaving us with the fear of the unknown in front of a situation that we thought was unimaginable. A situation that seemed insurmountable because it was so unreal.
This was without considering the ability to recover that Man can show when he meets serious challenges.His ability to overcome traumatic shocks. His RESILIENCE.


The art of Kintsukuroi

The dial, created in collaboration with NOIR Artist, represents a fragmented Earth, repaired using the ancestral Japanese method of Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi.

Since the dawn of time, some men destroy while others seek to repair.
Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi is a Japanese spiritual art dating back to the 16th century which consists in repairing porcelain or ceramic objects by highlighting the scars with gold powder.
The philosophy behind this art is simple: accept imperfection as a vector of beauty. Accepting that being imperfect is part of our history, that breaks are not necessarily weaknesses.
Objects repaired through the use of Kintsugi are not only more beautiful, but also more resistant than they were in the beginning.

Global Resilience - NOIR Artist

NOIR Artist is a duo composed of two brothers from Liège (Belgium): Lucien and Martin Gilson.
Their philosophy is simple, they are for "a society that strives to be more positive, more respectful of man in general, and young people in particular.
NOIR Artist designed the work "Global Resilience", which was an inspiration for our collection. It is a message of hope for all humanity.
The pieces are put back together using the Kintsugi method, allowing the earth to accept its scars and be proud of them.
Proud to have overcome this ordeal. Proud to have grown out of it.

Global Resilience