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Honoring NASA’s Mars Mission

In honor of humanity’s advancements and exceptional achievements in space travel, INTERSTELLAR, powered by Col&MacArthur is launching a new timepiece. The "RED3,721" approved by NASA, telling the story of the "Perseverance" NASA mission.

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The watch was originally launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with a goal of 20,000 euros, which was reached in less than an hour and largely surpassed as it now stands at 639,145 € across both Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms

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549 EUR
This included :
  • Includes certificate authenticating the Martian meteorite powder.
  • Includes deluxe packaging, insurance coverage.
  • Delivery in June 2023.
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NASA approved

This collection has been granted by NASA. This outstanding approval has allowed us to incorporate NASA’s iconic logo on these collector’s items

Authentic Martian meteorite

At 3HRS, authentic Martian dust is encapsulated in the case.
The dust is extracted from a meteorite that has travelled millions of miles to finally crash on Earth.

Numbered collection and certificate of authenticity

Every single timepiece will be numbered with a certificate to prove the origin of the item. The serial number will be engraved on the back cover.

Choose your version

Sellita movement with a golden seconds hand OR the Miyota with the red seconds hand. The Sellita movement will be assembled in a titanium case.

Any questions? +32 460 22 67 87

The story of the Martian meteorite

INTERSTELLAR is working on the identification of the meteorite with The Meteoritical Society. Thanks to them, you will be able to trace the history, the origin, and the technical specifications of the meteorite you wear on your wrist.

This Martian meteorite was discovered in 2021 in northwest Africa and supplied by the company MSG meteorites. Most meteorites are named after the place where they were found, in this case his name is "NWA14269".

A certificate of authenticating the provenance will be delivered with your timepiece.